Information needed to process a Software Request.

We will need to know the specific LANSA products you are requesting software for. For example, Visual LANSA, LANSA for IBMi, LANSA Integrator, LANSA Composer.

We will need the LANSA version you are requesting and your current LANSA version. (Use LANSA About)

We will need the email address of the person to send the software download instructions to. (Downloads only)

If the current version and requested version are different, you will need new licenses. Get License Information

Now, go to the LANSA Support Portal and create a new case with case Type of "Software Request"

Include the information above in your new case.

If you are unable to use the Customer Support Portal to log a case :

You may send an email with your information to: Emailed requests will take longer to process. Please use the Portal for best results.