Watch a video tutorial on how to log into the LANSA Support Portal.

Go to the LANSA Support Portal (a password is required and may be requested if not known)

Important Note: If you use a pop-up blocker you will not be able to see some content. In your pop up blocker you should allow pop ups from these URLs:


This version utilizes the Visual LANSA Web Product. The functionality shows some of what can be accomplished using VL Web.

You may be prompted to change your password when you sign on the first time. If this occurs, click ok to the message and then the framework will load as normal. Until you change your password you will have access only to the change password function. Once you have changed your password, sign off. Then sign-in again and you will have access to all system functions.

Only the system administrator will be able to add contacts and modify contact information. While signed on as the administrator, you will not be able to enter incidents.

Framework requirements checklist:

  • Any Browser supported by the V14 Supported Platforms document may be used.
  • Windows 95 and 98 are not supported platforms regardless of the IE version being used.