LANSA license codes for IBM i

LANSA Version 14 WILL require new licenses.

If your hardware has changed, specifically if any of these, Serial Number, Model or Processor Feature codes have changed, then YES you will need new licenses.

Changing LANSA versions will not require new licenses. Only hardware changes affect the LANSA licenses on IBM i.

Each separate LANSA installation on the IBM i will require it's own set of LANSA licenses.

LANSA license codes for LANSA Windows or Linux

LANSA Hardware Keys (dongles) are not subject to change with new hardware so you may continue to use these on new or updated equipment. You may need to install or update the drivers however.

Drivers for Sentinel (Safenet) SuperPro dongles may be found here.

Softkeys in all their various permutations (local, server or license server) ARE subject to change when hardware changes and you will need to run the x_cpu.exe program to obtain the file required to request new licenses.

Download the standalone PC CPU information program (x_cpu.exe) program here.

If any of the above indicate that you will need new licenses, please go here for steps to request new codes. Requesting License Codes