LANSA Version 14 WILL require new licenses.

If you are upgrading hardware or getting new hardware, please send us your machine information so we may provide new license codes.

We MUST have your new machine information in order to process any license code request. We will need:

On IBM i

  • Serial Number: (DSPSYSVAL QSRLNBR)
  • Model Number: (DSPSYSVAL QMODEL)
  • Feature Code: (DSPSYSVAL QPRCFEAT)

On Windows machines (whether they be developer workstations or servers)

  • Download the x_cpu.exe information program. (if not already on your PC)
  • Run the x_cpu.exe program on the machine where you need the code.
  • Send the generated license file to support and/or attach it to your incident.

Now, go to the LANSA Support Portal and log an incident with product "Licensing Request"

For after hours requests, if your production system is down and you need the codes urgently, log your incident as priority "A" Production Down and someone will be paged to help you. Otherwise your request will not page anyone and will be handled the next business day.

If you are unable to use the Support Portal to log an incident:

You may still page technical support by leaving a voice message in the Emergency voice mailbox at 800-457-4083. Only the Emergency voice mailbox pages. All other options are handled the next business day. You may send emails but these do NOT page anyone and will be handled the next business day.

In all correspondence, please leave your name and a phone number where you may be reached directly. Cell numbers are often best for this if that is an option for you. We prefer to have an email address to send the license codes to as well.

Please keep in mind that if we do not have your machine information and if we cannot reach you, then we cannot get you license codes. Please help us to help you.